A Place To Call My Own | WeWork

The bathroom.

The floor of my boys bedroom.

On the couch with kids on either side of me.

These are the places I call my “office”.

I would love to have a gorgeous workspace to call my own.

Picture this… 
A quiet room with a view, so I can watch the rain. Soft grey walls with black furniture. Silver accents. A plush rug underfoot. My new favourite candle burning (Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir). A proper computer, typing on an iPad just isn’t cutting it anymore. My planner & a warm cuppa.

That is what my ideal workstation/office space would look like. Maybe in our next house?

Of course, not all of us have the room to create your own amazing workspace. That’s where companies like WeWork come in. They provide beautiful workspaces where and when you need them.

Besides beautiful spaces, they also offer tons of benefits and discounts for people who freelance, run their own business or are looking in to creating a startup.

With locations worldwide they make it easy to find a workspace or conference room when you need it.

Maybe one day soon I’ll have a little room…decked out just the way I want it. Where I can work, read, craft…whatever…just a little place to call my own.


love, dee

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