Mini Lush Haul

Hi lovelies! I went a little crazy during a recent Lush visit & wanted to share with you. There was so much pink and its smelled so good, that I just couldn’t help myself…

Milky Bath | Bubble Bar

Made with cocoa butter, skimmed milk & olive oil, it’s supposed to be soothing & softening. It even has a little sparkly cocoa butter bottle top to it for extra softness. This one has a very light orange scent to it.

Rose Jam | Bubbleroon

Smells like sweet strawberry jam with a hint of rose, it’s beyond delicious! It contains white coconut oil and shea butter to soften & condition along with rose oil & lemon oil to balance, uplift and refresh. This one is great for the winter & soothing dry, sensitive skin.

Pink Flamingo | Reusable Bubble Bar

This is brilliant! I love that this little guy is reusable, just give him a swirl under a running bath tap for loads of sweet smelling bubbles. Filled with fragrant rosewood and sexy ylang ylang, this guy is going to get some serious use.

The Experimenter | Bath Bomb

I picked up this one because of a video I saw on Instagram. It fills your bathtub with loads of bright almost psychedelic colors. Plus it pops!! Like popping candy, how fun is that? It smells of warm, creamy vanilla with a subtle spiciness to it.

BubbleGum | Lip Scrub

My daughter made me buy this one. I’m not sure about actually eating it, but apparently you can. It’s made from fair trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil. It’s great for exfoliating dry, chapped lips before putting on for lipstick.

Prince Charming | Shower Cream

Why does this one have to be limited edition? It smells absolutely heavenly, like pomegranate & vanilla. So yummy! And so moisturizing because it’s made with fair trade organic cocoa butter…and it’s pink! Does it get any better than that?

I also picked up the ButterBall Bath Bomb, but he didn’t last the night. Long day at the mall with the hubby & kids…a warm bath & glass of wine were definitely in order.

What’s your favorite Lush product?


love, dee

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8 thoughts on “Mini Lush Haul

    • xoxolovedee says:

      My daughter does too but hasn’t had any reactions because most of their stuff is all natural. Go in store and speak to them, they’ll be able to tell you more info. They’re lovely and I hope you get to enjoy a pamperfest soon 😊 thanks for reading love💕


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