About Dee

Hi, I’m Dee! Nice to meet you.

I originally started my blog as a place to vent but it has gradually transformed into much more than that. It’s turned into more of a lifestyle blog, where I write about a multitude of different things…mommyhood, beauty, fashion, food and share my personal thoughts & experiences along the way.

I’ve been with my sarcastic, sports-loving, lego-building, extremely loving husband, Marc, for over 10 years.

Together we have three kids. 2 boys, age 4 & 5 and a 12 year old girl who definitely keeps us on our toes.

There’s ups, downs, plenty of hugs, kisses & tears (mommy tears too)….but I wouldn’t change it for for the world.

xoxo 💋

love, dee


I’m everywhere on the internet! Come say hi!

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10 thoughts on “About Dee

  1. vivalovealways says:

    OMG, I just fell in “written” love with you…
    I too am a LOTR geek. I relate to the days asking myself when I last brushed my teeth. Oh the dishwasher trick – yup, we do not give men enough credit for their manipulating, er, intelligence with the chores.
    I like your honesty and realism. Nice to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

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