Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Backpack & Lunch Bag Review

I can’t believe my older son started grade 1 this week!! It feels like he was just learning to walk yesterday & this week he marched right into his school without a second glance.

This year will be his second at his school. It’s a private school for children with Autism, that incorporates therapies into the everyday classroom.

Grade 1 is a huge accomplishment for my little dude, so we decided to splurge and get him something special for back to school. DINOSAURS!!! He absolutely loves dinosaurs. This is a new interest of his that peaked during playtime at school. He can tell you all the names of all the different kinds & loves to line them all up across my kitchen island and stomp around. Do you know what a Compsognathus is? I do, my 5 almost 6-year-old taught me all about them.

I didn’t set out to buy a Pottery Barn Kids backpack or lunch bag. Initially, I just googled “Dual Compartment Lunch Bag” and they’re what came up. I knew it was meant to be when I saw the multi coloured dinosaur pattern. And then a matching backpack?? I’m a sucker for anything matchy matchy.

My wonderfully accommodating husband popped into the Pottery Barn Kids near his work, so he could have a proper look and noticed they were on sale!! up to 20% off!! The only kicker was that they don’t sell the dual compartment lunch bags in that store. Online order it was then…

I ended up ordering the Mackenzie “Large” backpack & the matching dual compartment lunch bag, I had initially been looking for.

Mackenzie Backpack

Mackenzie Lunch Bag

The “Large” backpack is suited for kids/students 48″ or taller. It’s 17″ tall & will fit my little guy nicely for the next couple years. He’s pretty good at taking care of his things, his last backpack lasted for 2 years. So spending $51.00 on a backpack he’ll have for the next 2/3 years isn’t that bad.

What I love the most about this backpack is the padded, adjustable straps with clasps in front. We have days where he doesn’t want to wear his backpack & the clasps make sure he keeps it on all the way into the school #autismmomwin

I ordered both items on the 10th of August. $51.00 for the backpack (originally $65.00) & $30.00 for the lunch bag (originally $39.00). Shipping & Handling was $19.95 (it was shipped up from Massachusetts), and they gave a delivery time of 10-15 business days.

On August 13th, an email shipping confirmation came through, with an estimated delivery date of the 17th. BONUS! I really wanted him to get his new gear in time for back to school.

Right on schedule, early in the morning of the 17th the package was delivered. My little guy was so excited when he got home from school (summer camp-his school runs all year-long).

He loves his new backpack & matching lunch bag.

And he can tell you the name of EVERY dinosaur on it.

Happy Back To School!!!

xoxo 💋

love, dee